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Breslov History - Reb Nosson of Breslov

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Here you can read about the life of Reb Nosson of Breslov, divided into chapters. It is a summary based on "Through Fire And Water".
What you'll find in each chapter:

  • Part I -The Birth of a Tzaddik, The Question of Questions, "The Brilliant One from Nemirov", Marriage, Opposition to Chassidism, The Light of Chassidism, His Heart Begins to Soften, The Truth is With the Tzaddikim, The First Meeting
  • .
  • Part II -"I look up and see a new soul", "Now it is possible for me to be a good person", The Meeting, The First Shabbat by Rebbe Nachman, A Fire Burns in Breslov
  • .

We plan to add more. Please make sure to check back with us.

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