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Chok Natan
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Chok Natan V'lo Ya'avor

Chok Natan was compiled under the direct guidance of Rabbenu, the Rosh Yeshiva.
Chok Natan is a comprehensive book encompassing all main Breslov works divided into daily lessons and designed to be covered over the course of a year.
It includes 11 Breslov works, the Orach Chaim section of Shulchan Aruch (Code of Laws) and during a leap year, two additional books.

If one sticks to the daily schedule, in a year they cover the following works:
  1. Likutey Moharan (Collection of Rebbe Nachman's lessons)
  2. Likutey Tanina
  3. Sefer Ha'midot (The Aleph-Bet Book)
  4. Sipurey Ma'asiot (Rebbe Nachman's Stories)
  5. Sichot HaRan (Rebbe Nachman's Conversations)
  6. Shevachey HaRan (Praises of Rebbe Nachman)
  7. Chayey HaRan (The Life of Rebbe Nachman)
  8. Kitzur Likutey Moharan
  9. Likutey Tefillot (Reb Nosson's composed prayers)
  10. Likutey Aitzot (Advice)
  11. Yemey Moharnat (The Life of Reb Nosson)
The Orach Chaim section of Shulchan Aruch, is appropriate and customary for every Jew to learn.
During a leap year, "Hishtapchut HaNefesh" (Outpouring of the Soul) and "Meshivat Nefesh" (Restore My Soul) are added.

Our leader, the Rosh Yeshiva, wanted to publish this book years ago. We contacted several publishing houses and for various reasons, the project did not come to fruitition. After some time, the Yeshiva retook upon itself the project and through Hashem's mercy fulfilled the will of the Tzaddik and we merited publishing the book in 5763 (2003).

The book is exceptionally laid out, divided in an organized fashion, and is easy on the eyes. As a combination of 14 main Breslov works in one, it serves as a convenient companion for every Jew. One can always have these works with him: Rebbe Nachman's lessons, Reb Nosson's prayers, Shulchan Aruch. These are works that every Jew should have easy access to, especially a Breslover Chassid. As the exalted, saintly Reb Nosson said in his will: "compell yourself very strongly to learn the works of Rebbe Nachman every day...whether a little, or a lot regarding all different facets... A day should not pass without learning from Rebbe Nachman's works and from Shulchan Aruch. And, Hashem should help you add and learn even more".

If you learn the ascribed 5 pages a day - which take 15-20 minutes alone - you finish everything in one year! It's amazing!!!

What Rebbe Nachman said regarding the greatness of his lessons and holy works:

Rebbe Nachman said that his holy work, Likutey Moharan is the beginning of redemption. He said "Now that it has come out into the world, I very much want people to learn it so that they know it by heart, because it is filled with ethical guidance and how the power to stir people to Hashem in a way uncomparable. Afterwards he explicitly stated that learning his works was the beginning of the Geula (redemption) may it come quickly in our days, Amen. He said the best way to study his holy works is to establish two routines: one to quickly learn a lot and cover much ground in order to become very familiar with th ebooks. The other: learning in depth because his works contain great depths. And, elsewhere he mentioned this awesome concept of the limitless, great depth of his holy lessons. (Chayey Moharan 346)

He (Rebbe Nachman) said to him (a person) one can develop a great mind through learning his books because they contain great depths even in their literal interpretation. And also, if one learns his works they can merit becoming a truly good person and then will merit understanding the deeper meaning his holy books because they have much inner meaning that is not seen on the surface at all. Praised and happy is the one who merits learning them regularly. (ibid 347)

Once he was greatly praising his book and said it is possible to become a complete ba'al teshuva (master of repentance) just from learning his books. And, he wanted very much for his books to be constantly reprinted and spread throughout the world. And, he said that there will be people who will learn and pray through this book. And, he said that one who sits and studies his books honestly without the trait of victory, then certainly the sinews of his heart's obstinacy will be taken apart.
And, he said that every person should make effort to buy his book. And, one who doesn't have the means with which to purchase it (should sell his other books to buy this book and one who doesn't have even that, and so on), should sell the pillow from under his head and buy his book.
And he said that his book is very important and it will be greatly sought out and be in demand. And it will be printed and reprinted many times and will remain very important. "If only I could see this, I would stand and watch". And, he said that the lessons he himself wrote down - the language itself is beneficial because they are universal. (ibid 349)

I heard him say "my Torah lessons are composed completely of analysis." (ibid 350)

At the time of the binding of the first part of Likutey Moharan, he said: "to you it seems that this is a simple matter. But how many worlds depend on this: (ibid 351)

He said: "The evil one can cover people's eyes very strongly, but without this, the book would cause a great arousal in the world. (ibid 352)

"And my Torah teachings accomplish a lot in the world, because through my Torah teachings all blessing are brought down to the world". And, he spoke with someone and asked him "what is your business trade? with wheat you trade? Also this is drawn through my teachings!" (ibid 354)

He said one should put great efforts into purchasing his books. Even if they are sitting in the bookcase, they are a great benefit because his books are a great protection in the house - to protect ones wealth and money from all damages. (ibid 355)

One has to pay attention and take to heart the words and holy conversations in this book and in all his books because every conversation of his contains great awakening and (direction to live on) a straight path, and is wholey accurate in it's directions on how to serve G-d - to each person on their own level, whichever level he may be on. Even one on a very high level can learn from it a straight path and take wonderful advice from each coversation of his. Likewise, the opposite, one who is on a low level, G-d forbid, wherever he is, can learn from it a straight path and take good advice from each conversation of his in order to save his soul from destruction and to return to Hashem in truth and if he pays attention to the words and fulfills them truthfully and with simplicity, without sophistication. Happy is the one who grabs them! (ibid 358)

He said that there is not one limb of a person which he did not teach Torah regarding because he already taught Torah on each limb that a person has as it is known that the body has the highest mystical hints. (ibid 372)

He said if the Ba'al Shem Tov would hear his lessons, it would be a new revelation for him. If Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai would hear his lessons, it would also original to him.: (ibid 391)

He said that also people who hear the Torah teachings of the true Tzaddik and don't understand it, in the future they will understand it. The main point of the Torah teaching is for our souls. When we come to the next world, our souls will be very knowledgable in these exalted teachings. Also, in this world we should carry out the lesson from the teaching in their simple meaning. (ibid 388)

Through his holy Torah teachings, the draws down remedies and rectifications for all the matters of the world, generally speaking, personally speaking, in the spiritual and in the material. (ibid 389)

I heard in his name, may he be remembered, that he gave over pleasant parable explaining why he reveals so much wonderful, awesome Torah teachings and deeds, and conversations, even though it did not seem as of yet that they could achieve their proper purpose with our group. (ibid 391)

Up until this point, quotes were from Chayei Moharan.

Praised are we that we merited this awesome book! And many thanks to the Creator of the Universe that he brought these books to light in the world.
With great praise and thanks to Rebbe Nachman, zt'l, and his student, Rabbenu, Reb Nosson, zt'l, that chose us to print this book.

Dear Jew, you can also eternal aquire merits for the World to Come by learning from the works of Rebbe Nachman, whose works are exalted, all in just fifteen minutes a day.
On this site, you can join our daily learning program in which many already participate. Just click on today's date and you can begin learning!!!

Chok Natan V'lo Ya'avor - Click to enlarge

Chok Natan V'lo Ya'avor - Click to enlarge

Chok Natan V'lo Ya'avor - Click to enlarge

Chok Natan V'lo Ya'avor - Click to enlarge

Chok Natan V'lo Ya'avor - Click to enlarge

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