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The Yeshiva
Yeshivat Tikun Ha'midot

The Yeshiva's publishings

Yeshivat Tikun Ha'midot specializes in Jewish outreach - bringing Jews back to their roots; to their Father in Heaven through spreading the original teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. Yeshivat Tikun Ha'midot attracts fellow Jews through the distribution of books and lectures in Israel and the world, thereby spreading Torah in the world. Yeshivat Tikun Ha'midot aims to encourage and revive hurt and broken souls through enlightening and teaching them that the world is filled with G-d’s loving kindness and never ending mercy for each and every one of us; from those closest to Him to those farthest.

Yeshivat Tikun Ha'midot is a yeshiva designed for Ba'alei Teshuva which was established by our Rebbe, the great Rabbi Yosef Shubeli, may he merit a long and healthy life, following the path of the holy of holies, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, may his merits protect us.

The Yeshiva's goal is to direct us on the pure and holy path of our saintly faithers and Rabbis, may they rest is peace, through: teaching about true, clear faith and belief in the Creator of the world, character refinement through crushing evil traits and exhonorating good traits in order that the mirroring traits in Heaven are corrected, sticking to the Tzaddikim and living in their shadow, traveling to the graves of holy Tzaddikim for praying, and learning and spreading Torah. All of this is in order to 'raise the Shechina from the dust' - restore G-d's holy presence in the world so that she can be pure like a bride for her groom.

We are thankful to Hashem, the Creator of the world, that gives us life and existence in this hard exile, and in Him we trust and love and recognize all the goodness He does for us, and that He merits us to draw close to his holy Torah and holy servants, specifically our master, teacher and Rabbi, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, may his merits protect us, and our beloved teacher and Rabbi, the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Yosef Shubeli, may he merit long life.


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The Yeshiva's Functions

The Yeshiva's functions include:

  • Yeshiva for students in Kiryat Yam which includes: dormitories, meals, and a Mikveh.
  • Lectures in the Yeshiva most weekdays, and sometimes in other parts of Israel.
  • Publishing holy books. To view the Yeshiva's books, click here
  • Developing and spreading audio and video lectures throughout Israel and the world. For lectures, click here
  • Frequent trips to Tzaddikim's graves in order to pray.
  • Shabbat and holidays celebrated at the holy site of the burial place of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron.
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