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Chok Natan

"Chok Natan V'loh Ya'avor" - chapters to view from the book

You can acquire for youself eternal merits for the next world by learning from the exalted and acclaimed works of the great Rebbe Nachman...all in just fifteen minutes per day that you set aside and sanctify.
On this site you can join in the daily learning of Chok Natan which many are already committed to.
Before you, you will find a Jewish monthly calendar. Select the month and click on the day. The days' chapter of learning will open up.
If you miss a day, you can go back with ease and make it up.
Please read up on the importance of learning these works and of the wonderful merits attained from this type of learning on the main page of "Chok Natan".
Please note that having a set time for learning daily - even a span of fifteen minutes - is considered fulfilling the commandment of 'establishing a set time for Torah learning'. It is very important for every Jew to do this.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader In order to view the chapters, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.
If this program is not currently on your computer, please click on the icon here and download the program free!
Chok Natan - reading chapters
Please note: You can save the chapters straight to your computer by right clicking on the specific lesson (day) and selecting "...Save Target As"

Choose a folder on your computer to which to save it, save it, and then the lesson is saved in that folder on your computer.

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