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Netzachti V'enatzeach Publications - Distribution For The Public's Benefit

Tikun Haklali , From the publishing of "Netzachti Venatzeach", "Tikun Haklali" adorned and royal decoration!!! For sale and distribution for the benefit of the public

From the publishing of " Netzachti Venatzeach" – "Tikun Haklali" in magnificent decoration, never to be seen before, for sale!!! With 7 different colors of coverings for your choice!!! The pages of the "Tikun" are in color, combined with wonderful pictures of the "Tsadikim" (righteous) of Israel from all the generations – Admorim, Lithuanians, Rabies of Morocco, Yemen, Tunisia, Turkey and more!!!

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Binding Picture of baba sali Binding Picture of the Greatest admorim Binding Picture of  the ztadik mori haim sinoani
Binding Picture of  the rabbi from satmar Binding Picture of  Greatest  Lithuanians Rabbis Example Inside of the  booklet Binding Picture of  Lubavitcher Rebbe Binding Picture of Greatest Breslover Chassidim

The "Tikun" is being sold with the small price of only 2 new shekels for a unit!!

Besides the booklet that includes the "Tikun Haklali", you could also find additions with the words of Rabenu about the importance and virtues of the Tikun, as well as advices and Sgulot from Rabenu the great and holy Zi"a, a short description of the life of Rabenu, the holy Rabi Nachman from Breslev Zi"a, important prayers that need to be said every day, for protection from Ain Hara!!! The blessing of Geula (redemption), that each and every Jew needs to say at the time of the coming of our Messiah Zidkenu in our days!!! With the help of God, this booklet will be published for Ilui Neshamot, for health and cure, for success and livelihood, for distribution in important events and more. It is sold with the price of expense for the benefit of the public!!! Please contact us at: 0545956984 or 048747921. or through e-mail: NetzachtiVenatzeach@gmail.com .
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