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Torah lectures - shiurim - mp3 torah lessons 2011/5771 - 2012/5772

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Video torah lessons

  1. Judaism is a responsibility
  2. Tuesday night, parashat Lech lecha, Go and strengthen at the work of the Creator, 2010.
  3. Monday night, parashat Lech lecha, Abraham's greatness with (Against) greatness of the Land of Israel, 2010.
  4. Monday night, parashat Noach, Get away from the robbery, 2009.
  5. Sunday night, parashat Noach, "Humility, right palm and Gratitude", 2009.
  6. Monday night parashat haazinu, Tzadikim strength, 2010.
  7. Wednesday night parashat haazinu - Preparing for Yom kippur, 2010.
  8. Wednesday noon parashat nitzavim, Clapping degree, 2010.
  9. Wednesday noon parashat ki tavo, Escape all these curses that in the Torah, 2010.
  10. Tuesday night parashat nitzavim, Hear disgraced himself and be silent, 2008.
  11. Sunday noon parashat Va'etchanan, All the best - 'This is also good', 2010.
  12. Monday noon parashat Va'etchanan, The death of the righteous is worse than the destruction of Beis HaMikdash, 2010.
  13. Thursday noon parashat Va'etchanan, All things fear Your Name - hakol chafetzim leyira et shemecha, 2008.
  14. Monday noon parashat Dvarim - Rosh chodesh Av, Strengthening from rabenu hakadosh, 2010.
  15. Tuesday night parashat Dvarim - Tuesday night parashat Dvarim, Moses' rebuke, 2010.
  16. Tuesday night parashat Dvarim - Rosh chodesh Av at Benayahu ben yehoyada's tomb, Laying all the fallen, 2009.
  17. Thursday noon parashat matot-masei, The Wisdom of the Torah, 2009.
  18. Tuesday night parashat matot, Vows Sage Wisdom - nedarim siag lachochmah, 2009.
  19. Tuesday night parashat masei, Three Weeks - bein hametzrim, 2008.
  20. Wednesday noon parashat Matot, ein yeush - Do not despair - Never give up, 2010.
  21. Sunday night parashat Matot-masei, Power of the vows, 2010.
  22. Wednesday night parashat Pinchas, The Ways of the war at the evil inclination, 2010.
  23. Monday noon parashat Pinchas, Tzadikim mehapchim tzerufim letova, 2010.
  24. After shabbat parashat Balak, melave malka meal - And against their elders, respect, 2010.
  25. Wednesday morning parashat Balak, trust on god - Only rely on God, 2009.
  26. After shabat melave malka meal parashat chukat, Humility and modesty in the Torah and commandments, 2010.
  27. Wednesday noon parashat chukat, kabalat hayisurin vekaparat avonot - Receive suffering and get atonement, 2009.
  28. Tuesday night parashat chukat, Vayigba libo bedarchei hashem, 2007.
  29. Monday night parashat chukat, gdolim tzadikim - Great Sages(tzadikim), 2007.
  30. Wednesday noon parashat korach, hevei shfal ruach, 2010.
  31. Monday noon parashat Korach, tov shem meshemen tov, 2010.
  32. Wednesday night parashat korach, chesed yesovevenu, 2009.
  33. Sunday night parashat korach, The Importance of the Torah, 2009.
  34. Wedneday noon parashat shoftim, hatov ki lo kalu chasadeichah, 2010.
  35. Sunday night parashat shoftim, Maginei hador - The generation defenders, 2010.
  36. Monday noon parashat behaalotecha, magid shivcho shelo shina - telling his supplement that he didn't change at whole, 2010.
  37. Sunday night parashat behaalotecha, rishonim kemalachim - the firsts like an angels, 2010.
  38. Monday morning parashat naso, at shmuel hanavi grave, Chanah was speaking in her heart, 2009.
  39. Sunday night parashat naso, matan torah, 2008.
  40. After shabat parashat naso, nesiat hatzdikim et nishmot yisrael, 2010.
  41. Monday night parashat naso, kria paamaim leshem chiba, 2010.
  42. Sunday night parashat naso, Wisdom is above everything, 2010.
  43. Tuesday night parashat bamidbar, rosh chodesh sivan in the tzadikim tombs, 2010.
  44. Sunday night parashat bamidbar, tzarot hagalut, 2009.
  45. Monday night parashat bamidbar, vechasidecha yeranenu, 2010.
  46. Monday noon parashat bamidbar, midat hanekiyut, 2010.
  47. After shabat parashat bamidbar, love rabbi nachman of breslov, 2008.
  48. Sunday night parashat bechukotai, Rabbi meir baal hanes greatness, 2011.
  49. Tuesday night parashat trooma, live with limits, 2011.
  50. Tuesday noon parashat trooma, tshuva o yisoorim, Answer (root return) or suffer, 2011.
  51. Wednesday noon parashat noach, get strengthen and don't break, 2011.

mp3 2010/5770

  1. Monday night parashat ki tavo, chizku veimtzu kol hameyachalim, 2010.
  2. Wednesday noon parashat shoftim, What is a real prayer, 2010.
  3. Monday night parashat shoftim, Strengthened during Elul, 2010.
  4. Monday noon parashat shoftim, sgulato shel ha'tzadik, 2010.
  5. Monday night parashat ekev, sanegoriat ha'tzdikim al yisrael, 2010.
  6. Hilulat Rabbi Amram ben diwan, parashat ekev, 2010.
  7. Wednesday After noon parashat pinchas, Only God's love, 2010.
  8. Wednesday night parashat balak, Chaeshbon nefesh, 2010.
  9. Sunday noon parashat balak, Failing of israeli souls, 2010.
  10. After saturday korach melave malka meal with rabenu, 2010.
  11. Monday noon parashat shlach lecha, tova ha'aretz meod meod, 2010.
  12. Wednesday noon parashat be'haalotecha, strengthening for the souls, 2010.
  13. Thursday night parashat shmini, closing to the tzadik, 2010.
  14. Bo - wednesday noon - tohahat musar al limud hachol, 2010.
  15. Tuesday noon parashat bo, ki ani hashem bekerev haarezt, 2010.
  16. Monday noon parashat bo, kabalat habizionot beshtika, 2010.
  17. Thursday noon parashat vaera, shiabood mizraim ba lehitbonenut, 2010.
  18. Monday noon parashat vaera, 2010.
  19. Tuesday morning parasht mekez 2010, verevah tasimu bein eder vebein eder.
  20. Monday night parashat vayeshev, 2010.
  21. Sunday noon parashat vayara, 2010.
  22. Sunday morning parashat vayigash, 2010.
  23. Thursday night parashat vayeshev, 2010.
  24. Sunday morning parashat vayeshev, 2010.
  25. Sunday noon parashat vayara, 2010.
  26. Wednesday noon parashat mishpatim 2009, get strenght in ''we don't have any brain at all''.
  27. Tuesday noon parashat mishpatim, hithazkot batora vebehashgaha pratit, 2009.


  1. Wednesday night parashat amor, 2009.
  2. Tuesday night parashat amor, 2009.
  3. Monday night parashat amor, 2009.
  4. Tuesday night parashat hukat, huka hakakti gzera gazarti, 2007.
  5. Wednesday noon parashat vayigash, ozar hayira hithazkut a', 2009.
  6. Strengthening talk at tuesday night parashat bo 2009.
  7. Strengthening talk at monday night parashat bo 2009.
  8. Strengthening talk at Thursday noon parashat vaera 2009.
  9. Strengthening talk at wednesday night parashat vaera 2009.
  10. Strengthening talk at wednesday noon parashat vaera 2009.


  1. Tuesday monday morning parashat dvaim, 2008.
  2. Sunday night vayikra, 2008.
  3. Wednesday night yitro, 2008.
  4. Monday night parasht beshalah, 2008.
  5. Monday noon, 2008.
  6. Tuesday night in elad, 2008.
  7. Tuesday night, 2008.
  8. Monday night parashat naso, 2008.
  9. Sunday night parashat korah, 2008.
  10. Wednesday night parashat shlah, 2008.
  11. Sunday night parashat mezora, 2008.
  12. Wednesday night parashat truma, 2008.
  13. Tuesday night parashat bamidbar, 2008.
  14. Monday night parashat tazria, 2008.
  15. Sunday night parashat shmini, 2008.
  16. Wednesday night parashat zav, 2008.
  17. Monday night parashat zav, 2008.
  18. Wednesday night parashat beshalah, ''havivin mizvot al yisrael'', 2008.
  19. Tuesday noon parashat pikudei, 2008.
  20. Sunday night parashat pikudei, ''hashchina'', 2008.
  21. Sunday night parashat vayechi, 2008.
  22. Tuesday night parashat vayeshev, 2008.
  23. After shabat haazinu, ''stimu einin mehizu dehai alma'', 2007.
  24. Tuesday night parashat shoftim, ''hitorerut mahi uminain hi'', 2007.
  25. Thursday night parashat shmot, ''shomrei habrit vesharam'', 2007.
  26. Parashat bo talk - tora a', 2002.
  27. Parashat bo talk - sihot haran, 2002.

5767 - 2006/7

  1. Tuesday night parashat parashat bahar, ''lo takifu peat roshehem'', 2007.
  2. Sunday night parasht zav, ''zav et aharon'', 2007.
  3. Wednesday night parashat shlah leha, 2007.
  4. Monday night parashat shlah leha, 2007.
  5. Monday night parashat beshalah, ''nekudat hanaha(groan point)'', 2007.
  6. After shabat bo, ''veanahnu lo neda ma naavad et hashem'', 2007.
  7. Thursday noon parashat korah, 2007.
  8. Wednesday noon parashat korah, 2007.
  9. "A man shall not covet your land". Parshat VaYakhel-Pekudei, Thursday night 5767.
  10. "A man's ability of reaching the peak". Parshat Mishpatim, Tuesday night 5767.
  11. "The light of truth that surrounds the lies and darkness". Parshat Mishpatim, Wednesday night 5767.
  12. "In the big city of Rome". Parshat Yitro, Monday night 5767.
  13. "The poor offering". from Likutey Taninah, Torah 22. Parshat VaYakhel, Sunday night 5765.
  14. "Days of Thanksgiving" Parshat Miketz, Monday night 5767.
  15. Parshat Vayerah, Wednesday night 5767. "And it came to pass after these things".
  16. Parshat Lech Lecha 5767. "Covering the sky with clouds".
  17. The eve of Hoshana Rabbah – The holiness found in eating. Given at the gravesite of Rav Yehudah Bar Ilay.
  18. Parshat Vayerah 5767, Monday night. The perfection of truth is faith.
  19. Rosh Chodesh, Parshat Toldot 2006 - Tour of the Galil, Rosh Chodesh Kislev - Lecture at the gravesite of Nachum Ish Gamzu. Encouraging lecture about the afflictions from Hashem and how everything a person goes through is for his best, and from Hashem bad can never come.
  20. Rosh Chodesh, Parshat Toldot 2006 >- Tour of the Galil, Rosh Chodesh Kislev - Lecture at the gravesite of Binayahu ben Yehoyidah from the book "Bnei Yissaschar", about the secret of the month of Kislev, defeating the Greeks, the secret light, and the Chanukah menorah.
  21. Rosh Chodesh, Parshat Toldot 2006 - Tour of the Galil, Rosh Chodesh Kislev - Lecture at the gravesite of Rabbi Yehuda Bar Ilay discussing the great atonement for Israel on Rosh Chodesh according to Rav Tzadok HaCohen of Lublin.
  22. Rosh Chodesh, Parshat Toldot 2006 - Tour of the Galil, Rosh Chodesh Kislev - Lecture at the gravesite of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai discussing the great strenght we need to fight the spiritual battle against the evil inclination.
  23. Parshat Vezot Habracha 2006 - Wednesday night before Succot - "I will be joyous in Hashem".
  24. Parshat Vezot Habracha 2006 - Tuesday night before Succot - The Mitzvah of Succah.
  25. Parshat Behar 2006 - Wednesday night - Charity - what is it?
  26. Parshat Acharey Mot 2006 - Thursday night - The established faith enrooted in the Jewish heart.

2006 - 5766

  1. Parshat Ha'azinu 2006 - "A Mussar (ethical) lesson based on the Lev Eliyahu".
  2. Parshat Nitzavim 2006 - Preperations for Rosh Hashana.
  3. Parshat Ki Tisa 2006 - "Light flares" - Concerning Rosh Hashana.
  4. Parshat VaYelech 2005 - "The concept of Teshuva is tied up with a person" Preperations on Erev Rosh Hashana 2006.
  5. Parshat Matot-Masay 2006- "The three weeks" - The three weeks of siege, Tikun Chatzot, Kinot, and the suffering of Israel in exile."
  6. Parshat Matot-Masay 2006- The war situation. - A special lecture given over when the first missiles were thrown on Haifa and her suburbs regarding the true reason for the war and more.
  7. Parshat Balak 2006- "The power of the mouth".
  8. Parshat Chukat 2006 - "The craving for truth in the heart" - An ethical lecture discussing human characteristics, how this world blows away in the wind, and the importance of knowing and understanding the breaking point and beyond that to strongly take to heart this worlds' limitedness, as quoted from Rav Eliyahu Lopian, Zt'l.
  9. Parshat Behar 2004 - Going up to Meron, Lag Ba'omer (Lad Ba'omer).
  10. Parshat Behar 2004 - The concept of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai - Lag Ba'omer.
  11. Parshat Bechukotai 2003 - The reason for hiding in the cave, Lag Ba'omer.
  12. Parshat Emor 2005 - The concept of trust.
  13. Parshat Emor 2005 - 'Emor v'amarta' (you say and said).
  14. Parshat Kedoshim 2005 - Before the elderly, you shall rise.
  15. Parshat Emor 2004 Perfect prayer through faith (Likutey Moharan 2).
  16. Parshat Kedoshim 2003 - The simple one and the changing tasks.
  17. Parshat Emor 2002 - Say to the Cohanim.
  18. Parshat Tazriah 2003 - The completeness of the entering of Nadav and Avihu to the Mishkan.
  19. Parshat Tazriah-Metzorah 2002 - Three partners make man.
  20. Thursday of Parshat Metzorah 2005 - The trait of self-sacrifice.
  21. Friday of Parshat Shmini 2005 - Willpower and yearning.
  22. Parshat Metzorah 2003 - The greatness of Raba Bar Nachmani.
  23. Monday of Parshat Ki Tisa 2005 - How Hashem leads His nation, Israel.
  24. Thursday of Parshat Ki Tisa 2005 - Mordechai & Esther.
  25. Friday of Parshat Titzaveh 2005 - Without thinking.
  26. Purim 1999 - The concept of Purim, afflictions and their purpose.
  27. Sat. night of Parshat Mishpatim 2006 - To eliminate the power of wronging with the power of right.
  28. Parshat Bo 2006 - The greatness of joy and how it surpasses it all.
  29. Parshat Yayerah 1999 - The mitzvah of donating to a synagogue.
  30. Parshat Yitro 1999 - The love of Hashem for Israel, His nation.
  31. Thursday of Parshat Beshalach 2005 - Because he made them promise.
  32. Monday of Parshat Mishpatim 2004 - The judgement connects two opposites.
  33. Parshat Yitro 2004 - The severity of the blessings - Regarding the importance of the blessings.
  34. Parshat Yitro 2004 - "And Moshe told Hashem what the nation said" - Likutey Moharan 190.
  35. Parshat Beshalach 2004 - The unified leadership and judgement.
  36. Parshat Beshalach 2004 - The joy of the past is the foundation of the future.
  37. Parshat Mishpatim 2003 - Enslaving the senses which are called slaves.
  38. Parshat Vayigash, 2006 - The bedtime Shema and it's cries - a wonderful and encouraging lesson explaining how reciting the bedtime Shema with tears prevents inappropriate thoughts.
  39. The Mitzvah of donating to a Beit Knesset - a great lesson about the greatness and importance of donating to a synagogue. From 1999.
  40. Our life line is derived from Tefillah - a wonderful lesson on the greatness of prayer, meditation, and speaking to Hashem. From 1999.
  41. Hilulah 2005. The Rosh Yeshiva discusses the greatness of Reb Nosson and his passing and fabulously connects them to Parshat Va'Yechi.
  42. Listen to some most amazing lessons from previous Hilulahs: the first one is from the Hilulah 1999, which speaks of the greatness of Rebbe Nachman, Reb Nosson, his student, and Breslov Chassidism. This lesson cannot be missed!
  43. Chanukkah day 1, 5766 (2005) - a deep and comprehensive lesson about the Chunukkah holiday and the candles.

Lectures for Elul & Tishrei

  1. 6 Tishrei 5766: The passing of Moshe Rabbenu - a lecture given on the anniversary of the death of Moshe Rabbenu, 7 Adar 5763 (2003). This is a fantastic lesson about the redeemer of Israel, who in his merit we have 40 days of repentance between Elul and Yom Kippur. In his merit we were redeemed and will be redeemed. This lecture will awaken your soul to return to Hashem and to cry about the passing of a Tzaddik, specifically during the ten days of repentance before our fate is sealed.
  2. Parshat Ha'azinu: The importance of things - Preparing for Yom Kippur
  3. "Parhsat Ha'azinu": the key is coming close to the Tzaddik - Likutey Moharan 123; Excellent preperation for Rosh Hashana
  4. Encouragement for Elul

2005 - 5765

  1. "Anniversary of the passing of Rebbe Nachman":Drawing near to the Tzaddik and his holy spirit
  2. "Parshat Chayei Sara": It's effect on Israel, the nation
  3. "Parshat Vayechi": The wings and the brakes
  4. "Parshat Toldot": Greatness of Meron
  5. "Parshat Vayetzeh" Yakov Avinu's sleep and its purpose
  6. "Parshat Shemot": Holiness is channeled by the gravesite of the Tzaddik

2004 - 5764

  1. "Parshat Vezot Ha'bracha": Healing the soul: Concerning reincarnation and dybukim (evil spirits)
  2. "Anniversary of Rebbe Nachman's passing:'In the Sukkah you shall reside for seven days'
  3. "Parshat Bereshit": See (the moon) like this, and then sanctify
  4. "Parshat Bereshit": The belief that Hashem created
  5. "Parshat Lech Lecha": Where is the place of His Holiness? (Tenina 12)
  6. "Parshat Lech Lecha": The simplicity of things
  7. "Parshat Vayetzeh": 'And he traveled to Charan'
  8. "Parshat Vayetzeh": Strenghtening the soul
  9. "Parshat Vayetzeh": From Likutey Moharan 25: Joy in preforming Mitzvot versus the world of imagination
  10. "Parshat Vayetzeh": Divine Providence
  11. "Parshat Yitro": The make up of blessings
  12. "Parshat Terumah" Encouragement regarding blessings and the laws pertaining to reciting blessings
  13. "Parshate Vayekel & Pekuday":The purpose of creation
  14. "Parshat Tzav": Arousing Heavenly mercy
  15. "Parshat Tazriah": Material versus spiritual
  16. "Parshat Emor": Foregoing your wants
  17. "Parshat Naso": Yearning in holiness

2003 - 5763

  1. "Parshat Bereshit": The strenght of His deeds He declared to His people
  2. "Parshat Bereshit":Jealousy
  3. "Parshat Noach": Don't trust yourself until the day you die
  4. "Parshat Vayerah": seperating from the faulse opinions
  5. "Parshat Vayechi":The punishment of being cut off from the nation, confession, and Torah
  6. "Parshat Beshalach": 'They grabbed his clothes'
  7. "Parshat Beshalach": The greatness of Tefillin
  8. "Parshate Tetzaveh": Likutey Moharan 1
  9. "Parshat Vayekel": Suffering today
  10. "7 Adar" :Passing of Moshe Rabbenu
  11. "Parshat Shemini": 'And Aharon stood still'
  12. "Parshat Behar": Filling what is lacking
  13. "Parshat Bechukotai": The hard work of Torah
  14. "Parshat Naso": Disciplining and teachering children
  15. "Parshat Ki Tavo":Thanks to Hashem
  16. "Parshat Ha'azinu": Likutey Moharahn 1: Correcting bad traits by achieving Torah

2002 - 5762

  1. "Parshat Shemini": The presence of the Shechina
  2. "Chol Hamoed Pesach": The trait of recognizing kindness and good
  3. "Parshat Pinchas": Drinking - the root of sin
  4. "Parshat Matot": 'And he counted Israel'
  5. "Parshat Ki Tavo": 'From yours they will give to you'
  6. "Parshat Ha'azinu" Encouragement in learning Torah

2001 - 5761

  1. "Parshat Acharei Mot": The world is filled with His glory (Tenina 12)
  2. "Parshat Ve'etchanan": Sacrificing oneself for Judaism

2000 - 5760

  1. "Parshat Vayerah":The perfection of a person who lives constantly repenting
  2. "Parshat Tazriah": Falling in order to rise up in the generation before Mashiach
  3. "Parshat Netzavim": His wonders
  4. "Parshat Netzavim": Protecting your eyes

1999 - 5759

  1. "Parshat Toldot": The light revealed upon the darkness
  2. "Parshat Vayishlach": A Yeshiva student versus the world
  3. "Parshat Toldot": Hashem's love for his children
  4. "Parshat Miketz": Meditation
  5. "Parshat Vayechi": Encouraging words from the anniversary of the passing of Reb Nosson
  6. "Purim": Themes of Purim
  7. Words of Arousal & Encouragement

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  2. "Isaac´s power"
  3. "Dirty in the dirt"
  4. "Strengthening With Joy"
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